Nobless oblige…and how we struggle there.

We´re  living damn busy lifes. As a Coaches, businessmen, entrepreneurs, husbands and fathers… being self employed means for us many things… but among others is one that is major. ” If you want to do it right- do it yourself” statement. We all know its wrong. You Cant be everywhere, fix everything… you have to trust that your people gonna do the job.

Do we? Yes we are trying….trying hard. People say- … but hey. You  are working only 5 hours a day – 3 Personal training lessons, 2 classes… piece of cake right? YYYYes …. Id say that. Cleaning the gym, Setting up the clients, designing their workouts, adjusting it to their periodization, setting up the classes, doing the classes,  pictures and updates after the classes, social networking… here you have your 15 hours day…..

Yesterday, after my clients and classes was finished…i found myself considering my own training. Yes I did some rounds with my students on the classes but that was not even near what I’d wish to. Focus… as the rock use to say… right? Focus. It takes more and more effort lately to disconnect from the thoughts, isolate myself and focus one the task. Phone on the flymode is a necessity, good music…still not enough.

We are so focused on our clients, their results, their wellbeing that we forget about ourselves. We think- hey- its easy to fix ourself . You just need the focus and time. And that´s  my friend is something we often lack in our lives…. and here it is… crawling from the dark. My little and evil ego. We really want to look and feel great. We really want to lift monster loads in perfect form, move like a cat, look like Brad Pitt…. We think that our clients expect that… DO THEY OR DO WE????


Food for thought..


Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Born 1977, raised and educated in Poland, the CEO of Tengu Fitness AS, head coach and co-founder of the innovative system Art of Functional Movement - system that constantly evolves and being described as "smarter and healthier alternative to Crossfit" Pawels Tengu Fitness AFMA studio is located in Norway where he works with his group of students and instructors making the world better place - starting local - expanding to global. He likes to look at himself as a "jack of all trades" designing training equipment and excersises, custom knifes, energetic jewlry, writing articles, book and living his passion to the fullest.

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