Husar Workshop… Be your own cavalry

Husar Workshop… Be your own cavalry

Yes- im really proud where Im coming from. Polish elite forces – heavy cavalry always will be our pride and inspiration.

The true winged hussar arrived with the reforms of the king of Poland and grand duke of Lithuania Stephen Bathory in the 1570s and was later led by the king of Poland and grand duke of Lithuania Jan III Sobieski. The hussars were the leading, or even elite, branch of cavalry in the Polish army from the 1570s until 1776.

Now back to the program. Art of Functional Movement Husar program is based upon AFM principles, hitting all lines of effort throughout the workout.

Primary tool we have been working with today was Bulava( short mace) – analogy to Bulawa( ceremonial weapon of Hussar high rank officers), but it was possible to use the steel club as well.

Since this workout is classigied as FIRE element workout – 45/15 timing protocol had been used in 4 rounds of the same exercise. Students, keeping good technique had a task to score as many points as possible in 4 rounds and 6 excersises. Totally 24 minutes of pure fun with 15 seconds rest in between. - Husar workshopStudents trained in two Raids, coaching and motivating eachother. Great dynamics and lots of material has been passed over… Key points, regressions, 3 levels of complexity plus speciffic preparation and restoration drills.

This day is a great example that im doing the right thing. That im on the right path.

Live it.

Be present.

Dont give up.

No matter the obstacle.

Push it thru…. Like heavy cavalry.


Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Born 1977, raised and educated in Poland, the CEO of Tengu Fitness AS, head coach and co-founder of the innovative system Art of Functional Movement - system that constantly evolves and being described as "smarter and healthier alternative to Crossfit" Pawels Tengu Fitness AFMA studio is located in Norway where he works with his group of students and instructors making the world better place - starting local - expanding to global. He likes to look at himself as a "jack of all trades" designing training equipment and excersises, custom knifes, energetic jewlry, writing articles, book and living his passion to the fullest.

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