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Be unique !!!

Tengu Fitness is not ” mainstream” … Said one of the guys I’ve met in the gym we have started to cooperate with…

Its late so instead of go to sleep- lets analyse it a little.

Its a statement and its a fact. We do not use fitness machines, treadmils… Its not exactly 24/7 type of gym. Its class based. Every class is unique, designed to fit AFM periodisation…

We put movement quality and overall wellness ( both physical, social and psychical) before aesthetic features- and we believe those is a bioproduct of overall health.

We are creating fantastic, supportive network… Training evironment at start…group of friends…evolving towards a big family… Social platform:)

No- we are not mainstream…and its a good thing. And its not a trainig facillity that creates it… Its a people sweating,interacting and having fun within that does.

To all of you guys described as ” not mainstream”… Do Your thing. Don’t stop.

Be unique and don’t be afraid. Its the only way to contribute to the world with something new:)

Be unique and attract unique people…you have a chance to create something that gonna define you as human being… not just pay your bills.

Stay Strong


Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Born 1977, raised and educated in Poland, the CEO of Tengu Fitness AS, head coach and co-founder of the innovative system Art of Functional Movement - system that constantly evolves and being described as "smarter and healthier alternative to Crossfit" Pawels Tengu Fitness AFMA studio is located in Norway where he works with his group of students and instructors making the world better place - starting local - expanding to global. He likes to look at himself as a "jack of all trades" designing training equipment and excersises, custom knifes, energetic jewlry, writing articles, book and living his passion to the fullest.

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