Art of functional movement – roots, structure, elements, ethos

My name is Pawel Widuto. Me and my UK friend, Coach Paul Gray from Firepower Gym are founders of system known as Art of Functional Movement.



In the course of 10 years in fitness industry, I was trying out numerous systems. I believe one should learn from the best, that’s why I started my adventure with Kettlebell under the watchful eye of Coach Allan Fallrø, IKFF Norway. My Clubbell and tactical fitness trials were performed under guidance of Scott Sonnon and Alberto Galazzi, whereas Philippino boxing, knife and stick techniques were taught by Antonio Faedda in Sardinia – still, there were many more teachers I owe loads of knowledge and sweat left on the mats.


Today, I’m instructor of Clubbell, tactical fitness, kettlebell, crossfit , fiilippino boxing, knife, club and for two years now I’m also a co-founder and head trainer of AFM, owner of Tengu Fitness Art of Functional Movement Academy in Norway. Our logo is proudly represented by two academies in Norway, three in UK and we slowly enter Polish market – first academy is located at NordCity in Gdańsk.


There are many layers we act on as humans and our system is based on some of them. We call them sphere.


Physical sphere – stability and mobility defines general strength, explosiveness, fluidity of the movement, balance, cardiovascular endurance.


Mental sphere – mental strength – performing tasks under stress, tolerance of discomfort, movement awareness and coordination.


Social sphere – interaction with other individuals, communication during exercises (performing tasks), creating local and international net, creating relations, friendship, group that supports your effort.


Spiritual sphere – awareness of oneself, meditation, visualisation, opening energy blockades.


We based our system on ELEMENT CYCLE – circle of elements – which we use for scheduling trainings, weekly and monthly periodisation, but also for student scanning and diagnostics of clients who aim at forming athletic, healthy, balanced shape.


Definition of elements:


FIRE – it defines our cardiovascular endurance, fat percentage, mental endurance. Trainings are short, 20-30 minutes long, created on the basis of simple ballistic exercises with or without tools. Length of intervals and breaks in between influences the insensitivity of training which is the highest among four cycle elements.


WATER – defines our mobility, smooth movement, changing positions, awareness of breathing and moving. It perfectly points out weak spots in our mobility. Trainings are usually built without tools, on the mats , based on yoga and pilates, but also martial arts – eg. Indonesian silat.


EARTH – defines our ability of fundamental movement, (deadlifts, squats, presses),but also our strength, muscles and tolerance of discomfort. Trainings are simple, with linear movement and big, usually submaximum weights. It takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour with longer breaks between series. It’s medium-high intense.


AIR – defines our stability, balance, coordination, movement complexity, ability to control weights in different angles of space. Training is not only for body, it also engages us mentally. Trainings are built on complex movements, often ballistic exercises engaging whole body in different planes. Medium intensity, highly technical.


Our representatives – AFM coaches – can choose between weekly or monthly periodisation, or make schedule fit student/personal client base . It mainly depends on weekly presence in class and characteristics of work.


I decided to choose week cycle at Tengu Fitness AFMA Norway – it guarantees high presence of students., most of them appears 3 to 4 times a week. I also have complementary classes – I called it 5th element, SPIRIT – where my students can work over missed elements from the last training cycle.


Model schedule:


Monday – Kettlebell basics – low intensity

Tuesday – FIRE class- High intensity

Wednesday – Kettlebel advance- medium intensity

Thursday – EARTH class- medium high intensity

Friday – AIR/WATER classes – medium low intensity

Saturday – day off

Sunday – SPIRIT class – compensation



AFM is a wide system which provides our coaches with freedom of choice while adapting trainings to particular student’s needs on the level of exercises (scaling) as well as periodisation, so that they could achieve desired goals. We all differ one from another, hence AFM gives basis and doesn’t limit creativity of our representatives or athletes. We won’t give you The One Recipe for fitness, as there is no such thing. There are no perfect tools, intervals, diet… YOU are responsible for YOUR health.


AFM will make you aware of your strong and weak points; it can make you aware of the right direction on your way to achieve the desired athletic, functional body – while having loads of fun at the same time. It’s an adventure, a travel… an expedition into the world of fitness.


If you want to grasp our system better – we provide workshops, seminars and trainings at AFM Coach lev 1 in Poland and abroad.

You can get videos and pics visualising full training classes and particular techniques on our Facebook wall on regular basis – Art of Functional Movement Academy.


So if you have a Facebook profile and need some inspiration, you can get access to our movies, news on planned seminars and trainings – just Like it.


I do hope the above text will help you to get the core of our system, Art of Functional Movement, and make you interested in knowing it better.





Stay Strong


Pawel Widuto

Headcoach Art of Functional Movement.

Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Paweł Widuto - CEO Tengu

Born 1977, raised and educated in Poland, the CEO of Tengu Fitness AS, head coach and co-founder of the innovative system Art of Functional Movement - system that constantly evolves and being described as "smarter and healthier alternative to Crossfit" Pawels Tengu Fitness AFMA studio is located in Norway where he works with his group of students and instructors making the world better place - starting local - expanding to global. He likes to look at himself as a "jack of all trades" designing training equipment and excersises, custom knifes, energetic jewlry, writing articles, book and living his passion to the fullest.

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